St. Clements Wells, Wallyford

Large scale earthworks and infrastructure to enable significant expansion and regeneration of a historic settlement.

Located near Musselburgh on the land south of the A199, the Wallyford expansion area incorporates provision for housing, local leisure, community, employment, retail, and non-retail use. In 2015, I & H Brown took on the role of principal contractor to deliver a groundworks package for the future development of the site.

East Lothian Developments Ltd (ELDL)






147 weeks

Key Challenges.

As part of our earthwork strategy, we produced a site-wide model depicting a cut-to-fill balance of soils for each phase. Once this model was completed, the information was utilised by our site engineers and GPS equipped plant to accurately and efficiently undertake the cut-to-fill balance, minimising double handling of surplus soils.

Due to high temperatures, low rainfall, strong winds and variable haulage distances, dust suppression became a considerable obstacle on the site. By employing a dedicated water bowser and only stripping plots as required, we were able to prevent any negative impact on other nearby receptors.

Our Solution.

Our initial activities on site involved providing the physical infrastructure necessary to support our grouting contractor. This included temporary access roads and compounds, temporary SUDS drainage and extensive protective measures alongside existing overhead power lines. We also provided a suitable water supply connection and temporary construction access from the adjacent A199 road, which substantially finished work in 2016 after completing nearly 13,500 holes in 58 weeks.

The next phase saw us deliver bulk earthwork, to provide development platforms for future housing, commercial, and educational needs. These were completed following the diversion of several overhead HV electricity cables. Our earthworks involved 250,000m3 of topsoil, 360,000m3 of cut/fill and around 5,000m3 of coal.

We were then able to tackle the main infrastructure, comprising of roadworks and public realm improvement works. We installed some 4km of surface and foul water drainage, constructed 1.1km of new spine road including footways, bus stops, street lighting, raised speed cushion traffic calming and crossing facilities. We concluded the works by constructing the new ‘Strawberry Corner’ roundabout at the north end of the site.


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