Kirkstall Forge Remediation & Infrastructure

Delivering remediation and infrastructure to site with history dating back to 1200 A.D.

This challenging and interesting infrastructure project was our first contract for Leeds City Council. The scheme formed an integral part of the wider redevelopment plans for the historical Kirkstall Forge site which dates back to the 12th century. We were tasked with providing the development infrastructure including remediation, a new signalised access junction, spine road infrastructure, drainage, reinforced earth structures and a new 27m single span bridge over the River Aire.


CEG (Commercial Estates Group)






60 weeks

Key Challenges.

Given the site’s industrial past, a number of areas of the site contained contaminated soils, some of which were also geotechnically unsuitable.  Those soils were excavated and taken to a central treatment area where they were then treated to the required standard to permit their re-use within the site.  The soils were carefully managed by means of a detailed stockpile management plan, which also contributed to the validation of the completed earthworks. We also treated contaminated groundwater and installed a clay cut-off barrier. 

During the project we encountered a major storm, a 1 in a 100-year weather pattern over the Christmas break period which caused partial flooding of the site. We mobilised a team over the Christmas break 2015 to make the site safe, clean up any debris and ensure the site was ready to be worked on as soon as we returned to work in early January.

Our Solution.

The contract also included Employment and Skills Targets for which we worked closely with Leeds City Council and Employment Leeds.  We employed 4 ex-offenders, employed through a partnership with a local employment agency. We employed 6 apprenticeships throughout the project; offering a total of 400 weeks of apprentice work offered via Yorkshire businesses.

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