Lynda Todd – 50 Years Uninterrupted Service

We are very proud to honour this news story to our longest serving employee, Lynda Todd. As of 19th November 2023, Lynda completed 50 years of uninterrupted service with I & H Brown. Lynda commenced work with the company in 1973 at the age of 16, when she was employed by the company founders Ian and Hardie Brown as an Office Junior.

At that time, there was only 12 people working in the office, with many more out on site, driving vehicles and on farms. The main activities of the business were earthworks, demolition, farming, and haulage. Initially, Lynda helped with the purchase and sales ledger. She remembers every Thursday, all our staff coming in from the sites to be paid their weekly pay in cash. Lynda has been a hugely dependable and valued member of the I & H Brown team, and today continues to manage our payroll and plant department invoicing requirements. She has been managing the payroll since 1982! Lynda’s commitment and work ethic has been exemplary and, as a business we thank her for her 50 years of service and continuing hard work. Lynda is photographed above at a lunch last week to celebrate this fantastic milestone.

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